Sunday, 28 July 2013

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It was a holiday. But before I would enjoy the mood, I was disturbed by an inexplicable wave of thought. I could not make out what it was. Suddenly I remembered Rahul, my bosom friend; also my philosopher and guide. I placed my problem in front of him and waited earnestly for his reaction. Instead of helping me out and counselling me on my situation he laughed at me and coolly added that it is nothing but a invitation from Nature; that I can feel but not hear! Invitation for what? You might be asking me. I mean the Inspiration from Nature which induces me to create literature. It is amazing, of course! I asked myself if I can be a creative writer. When I was a student I used to wonder at the works of great writers. How do they manage to do it when I cannot write a single sentence without making errors.

It was then that I really started nurturing the desire within my mind, to become a writer. As I returned from my friend's place my mind was preoccupied with this thought. Images of great writers around the world flashed across my mind and I dreamt as if I join their band. Being bent upon becoming one the next question in my mind was what to write? - This is indeed a genuine problem. I went to my teacher who taught me in the school. I expressed my desire to him for which he said that the subject choice should be mine; that it cannot be suggested. However he hinted at referring to books. My next halt was at a library where I could get books of all kinds. The library wore a more or less dilapidated look. I found books bedecked with dust; nooks scattered here and there on the shelf. There were students napping on the pretext of referring to books; for some, books helped them for a good sleep. I went into a deep thought. This was the condition of the books written by great men who had spent sleepless nights to create great written works.

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